Evaluation Criteria

Question/Interest/Claim (40%)

Does the submission articulate a clear question, interest, or claim that is relevant to digital history?

    • Yes, Clearly Articulated: The submission presents a well-defined question or claim that is highly relevant to digital history.
    • Somewhat Clear: The submission presents a question or claim, but it could be more clearly articulated or more closely aligned with digital history.
    • Unclear or Irrelevant: The submission fails to present a clear question or claim, or it is not relevant to digital history.

Data/Sources/Source Code (30%)

Does the submission provide adequate data, sources, or source code to support its question or claim?

    • Adequate and Relevant: The submission provides sufficient and relevant data or source code.
    • Insufficient or Partially Relevant: The submission provides some data or source code, but it is either insufficient or only partially relevant.
    • Inadequate or Irrelevant: The submission provides inadequate or irrelevant data or source code.

Method (30%)

Is the method employed in the submission appropriate and well-explained?

    • Appropriate and Well-Explained: The method is suitable for the question or claim and is well-explained.
    • Somewhat Appropriate or Partially Explained: The method is somewhat suitable or is not fully explained.
    • Inappropriate or Poorly Explained: The method is not suitable for the question or claim, or it is poorly explained.

Overall Rating

    • Accepted with Distinction: The submission excels in all three dimensions and contributes significantly to the field of digital history.
    • Accepted: The submission meets the criteria in all three dimensions but may require minor revisions.
    • Not Accepted: The submission does not meet the criteria in one or more dimensions and is not suitable for presentation at the conference.

Submitting Your Review

After filling out the review form, click Save Review. You can come back and change your review(s) any time until the end of the review period on February 29, 2024.

On the overview page, the symbol indicating the status of your assigned abstracts might still show a grey circle for »not yet reviewed« even after you saved your review. This will only change to a green light after all reviewers submitted their reviews for the respective abstract.


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